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Woman narrates how her "sex for financial help" promise to her one-time boyfriend came back to hurt her new marriage

A married woman shared a story of how her one time boyfriend became a big threat to her marriage.

The woman who refused to disclosed her identity while asking for help said he dated him and later broke up with him. The woman who was in school then was going to him for financial help, until the guy decided to start exchanging the help with sex - she agreed because they were having sex before break up.

She said she was in her period when he rendered her the last help and promised him to give sex when she is ready. According to her, when she was through with her period, the guy was not chanced and later traveled abroad for schooling.

She said she received a call from him in a foreign number after some months and he said when he returns from abroad she will fulfill her promise. But when he returned from abroad she had already met a guy and got married. 

Now, she said the guy is still asking her to fulfil her promise even though she explained to him that she is now a married woman.

Read what she wrote below;

Please I need advice. 

There's a guy I met in 2010 and we started dating, in 2013 we broke up since things didn't longer go well between us. 

After our breakup, we remain friends. He called me and I called him. 

I noticed ever since we broke up, he has not been in a relationship and I didn't bother to ask him why, while I have been in several relationships since our breakup. 

Whenever I am in need financially and I have no one to turn to, I most times go to him for help and he's always ready to offer help whenever he can. 

One day in 2015, I had challenges raising my school fees, I was able to get half of it so I went to him for help to balance the fees. 
He told me that he is going to offer the help on a condition that I have sex with him. Since I didn't have anyone else to go to and the deadline for my fees was approaching, I accepted his condition. After all we have had sex before so it wasn't really a big deal. 
He gave me the money and we had sex. 

Since then, whenever I approach him for help I have to compliment him with sex. 

Early 2016, I met him for help for my school project and he out gave me the money I requested for then asked for sex that same day he gave me the money. 
I told him I am on my period that I will give him sex once my period is over and he accepted it. 

After my period, I called him and told him that I was ready. He told me he was not in town I should wait when he returns. I told him no problem. 

After then I didn't hear from him again. Four months later, an international number called me. When I picked the call, lo and behold he was the one. He told me he's on a course that when he returns back he will have sex with me to compliment that help he offered me during my school project. I told him no problem. 

Late 2016, I met a new guy and we started dating. On May this year we got married. I called my ex to inform him about my marriage but the international number he called me with was not reachable including his Nigerian number. 

On Wednesday this week, he called me and told me that he's back in the country and he asked me when I will be chance to come to his place and fulfill my promise of having sex with him. I told him that I am married. I tried calling him to tell him but his numbers were off. 
He told me that marriage shouldn’t stop me from fulfilling my promise and he reminded me of how kind he was to me during my days of needs. I thanked him for his help so far then told him I will refund his money back even with interest but he said no. 
That our agreement was sex and not a refund. 
I told him I will get back to him. 

Yesterday evening he called again. 
I ignored his calls then sent him a text that I will call him today evening when my husband goes out. 

The woman was advised to inform her husband about everything and she did.

Read what happened after she did;

Yesterday after a dinner with my husband, I told him everything about me and my ex. 
My husband asked me a lot of questions concerning my ex like "Where's he from? What's he into? How did we meet?" A lot of questions about him. I was very honest with him and told him everything. Even told him that he (my ex) disvirgined me. 

After telling him everything, my husband response was "okay". I noticed his countenance changed. 

He sat for few minutes in the sitting room then went to the bedroom and slept. 

Normally we always pray before going to bed no matter how tired we are but yesterday my husband went to bed without praying and I was scared to ask him why he didn't pray. 

Early this morning he was moody. He told me not to make breakfast that we will eat when we returned. He went into the restroom had his bathe then dresses up and I did same. 

My husband face wasn't bright. We entered the car, he started it and we drove off. 

While on the road we were both silent. All of a sudden he diverted from the church route to another route. I wanted asking him where we are heading to but I remained calmed. 

Before I could know it, I saw him heading to my village road. I pee on myself. I asked him where we are heading to he told me not to worry. 

I began begging him with tears in my eyes. He increases the volume of the car's radio just to distract me. 

After 45mins drive, we arrived my village and he asked me to show him the guy's compound so I took him there. 
We met the guy's mother, we greeted her then my husband told her everything I told him. 

The old woman begged us to forgive her son. My husband collected the guy's number and called him in his mom's presence. 
My husband was friendly on the phone. He thanked my ex for the help he rendered to me then told him to send his acct number that he will send him back his money. 

My ex told my husband not to bother that he was just helping me as a friend. 
That he is sorry, he thought I was joking when I told him I'm married. 

My husband gave the phone to his mom and the old woman spoke with him (my ex) and warned him to stay away from me that I am a married woman. 

My husband collected the phone and told my ex that for the help he offered me, he (my husband) is going to sponsor his wedding from start to finish whenever he (my ex) is ready to marry. 

My husband also told him that his (my ex's) name will be on the police watchlist in case anything happens to his wife. 

My ex was begging and promised never to hurt me. 

We left their compound to my father's compound, greeted my mom and we headed back to the town. 

On our way home, my husband was smiling all through and gave me the car to drive. 

We branched an eatery to have our lunch and he bought me my favorite. 

We just arrived home not quite long.

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