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Very Sad! Radio Presenter and Comedian commits suicide after arguing with wife (Photos)

Such a sad event as a Radio presenter, Okebiro Omose at Egesa Fm in Kenya took his own life.

Omose was also a comic actor who featured in several movies.

His shocking news of his death was tied to suicide, after failing to fight depression.

It was a sad morning for friends, relatives and fans of popular Egesa FM comedian and radio presenter Joseph Mochere alias Okebiro O' Mose who was found dead. 

The Radio comedian took his life in the early morning hours of Saturday, September 1.

His shocking death was attested by his former colleague, Rose Nyabhate, on her Facebook page who remembered him as a committed person. 

"Just a week ago you played the drums for me as I sang for my wife at Siron Hotel Rongai. Just yesterday we were joking of how we should do a show together at Windspark Hotel-Kisii .Rest in peace Okebiro, rest in peace my friend," wrote one of his friends, Mfalme Agwatta. 

It was learnt that the comedian committed suicide after a dispute at his home in Nairobi.

Reports indicate prior to the dramatic morning incident, his wife, Teresa Moraa hinted of a possible brawl between them. 

"Mtu akisema anajiua na aue watoto utafanyaje (If someone says he wants to commit suicide along with his children, what can you do) advice?," she wrote in a post that would be deleted later 

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