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"Stop lying; 50 police officers? Are u BOKo haram?"- Nigerians reacts after Davido said his father sent 50 police to arrest him at his first show

Nigerian singer, Davido, in a recent interview on a break fast club said that his father sent 50 police to apprehend him at his first show.

He said his father was furious that he left school for the show. According to Davido, his father later sent police men to arrest his girlfriend and his promoter, that he had to jump a fence to escape the arrest.

However, many Nigerians have find it very hard to digest Davido's claim, saying he is lying.

Many asked him if he counted the police men before jumping the fence.

@idonhammer: 50 police officers to arrest you? Say you be terrorist abi wetin?

@Lizilicious: So Davido counted the policemen before scaling fence huh?
Wehdone Lai distant cousin

@Osezeeblue01: This guy sabi lie sha..... too much of weed is bad.

@Meekdon: 50 police bawo, hw many station did he report u to

@Meekdon: Nigger is on codeine diet  

@Jaynom: SMH ... Davido stop lying mehn!

@Majornuggets: He was only trying to secure your future unknown to him you were already in the future

@Roughfyzay: His dad have plans in place for him but boy got another plan though any of the plan is a goal
Small lie sha dey this story o, Davido jumped fence?

@dyze: Who count them? grin
Awa gór

@Hinji: Rubbish... 50 police kill you there..

@dapsoneh: Davidid, u can lie ooo.... 50 police officers? Are u BOKo hara....

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