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"You have to hustle; girls like me don't do campus boys", Says 21-year-old Student who do sugar daddies (Photos)

A 21-year-old Kenyatta University student has narrated how she is following the footsteps of Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe by whoring with old men.

Jane said the only way a student like her can live a luxurious lifestyle is by prostituting with old sponsors.

In an interview with BBC on Thursday, August 30, Jane stated she has two men who provide for her in exchange for intimacy.

"You have to hustle or else you will end up in the streets. The socialites are an inspiration to me. Vera owns a house in the US and she is living the life I want," Jane said. 

The proud young lady says she is surprise why people condemn women exchanging intercourse for money.

"People just make it sound wrong but actually sometimes nothing about it is wrong at all," she explained.

She explains that most female student who want such lavish life don't move around with campus boys.

Jane started work as a masseuse and her job helped her meet some rich men who were willing to pay for her body.

"My only dream is to make my parents happy. People need to do what they have to do to get money," Jane opened up. 

Jane makes more than N36,000 daily in her whoring business.

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