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Sex-With-Dog: I nearly committed suicide - Cossy Orjiakor sadly reveals

Nollywood busty and controversial actress, Cossy Orjiakor, has said she almost took her life when Nigerians largely criticized her after a film in which she supposedly had sex with a dog went viral.

Speaking with P.M Express, the actress who is always for her raunchy roles in movies, said even in her village people were talking about it.

See the excerpt interview below; 

You had a bum surgery last year, how long did it take you to recover?

It didn’t take so long for me to recover but I am okay now.

Did you do it in Nigeria?


How much did it cost you?

It’s N1.5million. It’s even a promo price.

You were said to have had issues with Chico Ejiro over a role in a controversial movie.

Don’t really like talking about it but you can imagine the man and his wife coming out to deny that the picture of me with a dog that was leaked wasn’t in their movie.

So, you feel bitter over that?

Yes, it made me to just decide to go underground as everybody was then abusing and deriding me. Even in my village, I became a subject of gossip and it really affected me so badly. I became a subject of preaching in churches and my parents were also feeling the heat and the producer who ought to come out to set the record straight was saying something else. It was crazy. If I wasn’t strong, I would have even committed suicide as the heat was too much and unbearable for me.

Suicide? Was the situation so bad?

The people I looked up to described me in unimaginable ways. My late father wasn’t spared either. He knew I was merely acting and so never really cared. But it got so bad that in my hometown, people gathered and were discussing the issue and raining curses on me. They were accusing me of bringing immense shame to the church and the village. Many feasted on the photoshopped images that were in circulation and the jobs stopped coming. I was hurting and that led to my withdrawal from the public space.

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