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Oh No! After she lost her father to Cancer 19 months ago, she is also diagnosed with Cancer (Photos)

 A 19-year-old year old lady is facing the same Cancer disease that killed her father after 16 months of losing him.

Natelie Smith's father, Kelvin died on 25th of December 2015, at age 36 - six months after he was diagnosed with skin cancer.

But she was given a second chance at life thanks to a stem cell transplant from her mum Lorna Calderwood.

Natalie, said: “I am the luckiest girl in the world to have so many good people in my life.”

She said: “It broke my heart when I lost dad to cancer and I was frightened when just 16 months later I found myself facing my own battle with the disease.

“What if cancer made me ugly? Would my boyfriend still want me if I went bald? Every night I’d lie awake worrying about so many unanswered questions.

“I was 18 and, as I lost my hair, day by day my confidence fell along with it. I plucked up the courage to shave my hair off instead of letting chemotherapy take it and I soon learned that hair is just an accessory.

“The people I love stood by me even in the darkest of days, helping turn negatives into positives. Cancer is a game changer which made me grow up very quickly. There are so many things I want to do to make up for lost time.”

Natalie was transferred to the Freeman hospital in Newcastle in February this year where she had conditioning chemotherapy to kill off her bone marrow before receiving her mum’s healthy cells.

 Natalie said: “The doctors called the stem cells liquid gold.

“They were in a bag which was set up as a drip going directly into my arm. They looked like the colour of tea but I knew these cells had the power to save my life.

“If the transplant worked then the immunodeficiency disorder I’d suffered from all my life would be gone. My dad never had the chance of a stem cell transplant but one of his dying wishes was that one day I’d get the chance. It’s meant I could be even healthier than I was before.”

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