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Must Read! What shockingly happened the first day i came out as a woman - Crossdresser, Bobrisky

Nigerian Crossdresser, Idris Okuneye, widely known as Bobrisky, in an Interview with The Sun, in his home, disclosed what actually played out when he first came to the public as a woman.

So how did you become a crossdresser?

I’m from a polygamous family. My dad married three wives. My mum is the last wife with three children. My parents had issues at some point and my dad said my mum could go with her children. It was later agreed that my brother and sister should stay with my dad being the older ones while I lived with my mum. She sent me to primary and secondary schools. I went to Kings College and University of Lagos, where I studied Accounting. Before I gained admission into Unilag, I lost my mother in 2008. She was a Muslim; actually she travelled for Hajj and died there. This made me to go back to my father’s house. While living with my mum, I learnt business tactics from her. She sold lace and other textile fabrics in Lagos Island. I used to go to her shop on Saturdays to help out. Shortly after moving to my dad’s house, I gained admission into University of Lagos to study Accounting. In my 200 level, I started trading. I sold clothes to my friends and hostel mates. But I wasn’t making money the way I wanted. I sat down one day and told myself that I wanted to become famous. My dream has always been to become famous and controversial. I said to myself, ‘I want to make money from my trade, so what can I do? I started having different plans.

Since I do more of make-ups, sell female and male clothes, I decided to do crossdressing to draw attention. ‘If I start crossdressing, it would sell me out there. It would draw people’s attention’. That was how I became so famous. People were like eeeh, is this one a boy or a girl? What is going on, he’s a boy oh, no he is a girl oh. My plan worked. I became controversial. I started selling creams, clothes, and make-up in a large quantity. From there, I started making money. I got a store on the mainland selling clothes. After then, I got a bigger shop in Lekki Phase One, where I still operate my cosmetics business till date.

The journey has not been easy. People call me names, oh, he’s gay; he’s this, he’s that. Nigerians have this attitude when they see a man acting like a woman or doing female stuff. They tag him gay. But we all have our plans and aims laid out. I wouldn’t want to be a kidnapper, a thief, or a fraudster in the nearest future, so, I’m using what I have to get what I want. I thought of what to do to make cool cash and become famous and that’s why I became Bobrisky. The name came about because people were calling me Bobo, saying that wearing women outfit as a guy is a risk. It takes a lot of courage to do that. So, I took Bob from Bobo and added risky. That was how I became Bobrisky. Social media is full of tales of Bobrisky. Bobrisky did boobs, Bobrisky did ass; all these things are controversial nonsense.

The first day you came out as Bobrisky at a social function, what happened?

A lot of men were toasting me, saying that I was so beautiful. When I told them that I am a guy, they didn’t believe it. Even till date, I tell my toasters I’m a guy because if I don’t tell them my gender, that amounts to impersonation, which is a crime. So, I tell them that Bobrisky is a character, he’s not a girl. I have lots of male admirers and I turn them down because I am not who they think I am. I have a different aim, different purpose for being who I am today. Not for that regular purpose.

But many people have this perception that you are gay. Is it true?

I’m not gay. I’m not into homosexuality. When I’m in my house, I’m somebody else, the Idris that God created me to be. But when I’m leaving my compound, I’m the beautiful Queen Bobrisky.

How did your family and bosom friends take to your act?

They understood why I started it. If you have any plan drafted for your future, you should be able to carry your family along so that they won’t feel ashamed or bad that you are going astray. I made my dad understand what I wanted to do. I made my grandma understand too. They knew that I’m not bad. I started crossdressing just one-and-half-years ago. Now, I’m 26 years old and famous. I have a house in Lekki, I have two shops and I have big clients. Most of my clients are wives of top politicians. They patronize my wears because I wear more of jhalamias and decent outfits.

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  1. Nice one now I'm ur latest fan. Tot u waz gay gaskiya. I'm truly sorry. Aboi u b confirmed entrepreneur no be lie.