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Manchester United 's Chiefs surprisingly reacts after Tottenham flogged United

Despite recording a shameful defeat at Old Trafford, Manchester United's board are ready to offer Jose Mourinho a vote of confidence, according to the Guardian.

Tottenham bashed Manchester United at Old Trafford in a 3-0 defeat, and placed the Reds six points behind rivals.

United fans are already tired of Mourinho's negative football style - which he is not ready to change.

‘We work all week, and by the strategic point of view we didn’t lose, by the tactical point of view we didn’t lose, but we lost the game,” Mourinho told Sky Sports afterwards. 

‘We work very, very well during the week, we prepared the game very well, we played very well, the players had a fantastic attitude. 

‘At half-time the result should be two goals different minimum – 2-0, 3-1, 3-0. And then something changed the game a little bit. 

‘Then the result was 2-0 but the team was in the game, and I think everyone could feel one goal could change the direction of the game.’

Guardian says United chiefs were pleased with the Reds' first half performance.

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