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"If a woman can manage a home, she can manage a nation" - Osun Governorship aspirant says

A female governorship aspirant, Mercy Ayodele, believes she is qualified as a woman to rule Osun state because 'If a woman can manage a home, she can manage a nation.'

In an interview with PremiumTimes, she said her husband is 100% behind her amibtion.

See the excerpt below;

PT: What experiences do you have that make you think you can govern Osun State better than other contestants?

Mercy: Professionally I am an accountant and I have been in it for almost two decades now. The experiences I have garnered in the course of doing my job is what I am bringing into governance. Managing a home is challenging enough. If a woman can manage a home, she can manage a nation.

PT: You are the first female candidate elected by a party for the Osun governorship election; how are you coping with the campaigns?

Mercy: What actually pushed me out was the situation of the state and the country as a whole. The rate of poverty in the land is just too much and as a mother, I can’t bear it any longer. I can tell you, being the first female candidate, it is very challenging. You have people who appreciate what you are doing and you have people who will tell you, ‘go and sit down, women belong to the kitchen’, of which, we are more powerful than that.

PT: Corruption is a major problem in governance in Nigeria. Do you see any way out of this, as you approach the governorship of Osun State?

Mercy: Yes. It all begins with the head. When people know what we stand for, they want to follow that trend. If a person makes a quotation for a biro for N20 and another estimates N70, you cannot tell me that the one who quoted N20 is not going to make a profit. So, if you stand for the truth and you are seen to mean well for the people, the people will follow you. We have lovely Nigerians.

PT: What kind of support do you have from your immediate family, especially your husband, on your ambition to become the governor of Osun State?

Ans. First, I will like to give it to my husband. He was the one behind me. He said to me, you can do it. So, I give it all to him, and I give it all to God. I know I can go places. My family is right behind me. My friends at home and abroad are right behind me.

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