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How you should handle the persecutions from APC - Soyinka sends strong advise to Gov. Ortom

Noble Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, has sent his advise to Benue governor, Samuel Ortom, on how to handle persecutions towards him by All Progressive Party, APC for dumping the party for People Democratic Party, PDP.

Sonyinka gave his advice to the Governor, through a letter which a made available to repoters.

The letter read in part, “As a leader of a people who took much of the earliest brunt of unleashed herdsmen savagery and cried in vain for help, you have a moral right to seek the promise of an alternative haven of security for your people.

“They remain your primary responsibility. We are all free to cavil over the actual choice of an alternative destination, but no one can deny the inalienable entitlement to such action, especially where provoked by disillusionment and a sense of impotence under existing association.

“Coincidences are, by their very nature, suspect, and I certainly perceive the beginnings of a heavy-handed campaign of reprisals from ruling circles over your political decision.

“This bodes ill for the nation. It goes beyond any immediately-affected state and alerts us all to fascistic threats against a common democratic destination, and the basic right of free choice of political paths towards its attainment.

“I can only urge you, therefore, to take heart, and remain resilient, unbowed, and undeterred.”

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  1. Great words of encouragement from a great man...awesome!