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How this lady rejected me three times as a 'disguised' truck driver - Rich guy narrates to warn other guys (Photos)

A rich Ghanaian man took to his Facebook handle, Karbo John Mao, to share how a lady he was interested in rejected him three times when he disguised himself as a truck driver.

The rich man shared photos of his eye-catching cars and the very day he appeared as a truck driver.

He said the lady turned him down immediately and walked away after he showed up as a truck driver.

He further advised guys to be very careful of materialistic ladies.

He wrote;

“Just Got Back From the Shortest Date I've Ever Been On…These Materialistic Ladies They see you in a Merc. 1st Date, I Go Pick Her up in one of My Bakkies instead of my Merc. I've Done it 3 Times now and all 3 times,Soon as I pull up at the gate,They Turn Around and Walk Away. She Says to me "You Don't Take me Seriously ne." 

The Security Guard at her Complex Gate and I had a Good Laugh. All Three Occasions I probably would've paid the Bill, So I actually Saved money.I Ain't Saying She a Gold Digger but she ain't messing with no Broke Niggas. #StayWoke #TheyWillDribbleYou” 

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  1. Just shows they were not the woman destined for him..smh...silly idiots!πŸ˜•