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How Olusegun Obasanjo destroyed Nigeria from the early days - Women Group blast ex president

Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, has been strongly accused by the Africa Women Arise for Change Network, saying he laid a wrong foundation for Nigeria.

In their rally in Lagos, the group explained that if Olusegun and his party had laid the right foundation for Nigeria, it would have become very successful compare to the current bad situation.

The women stormed the Freedom Park at Ojota in Lagos with placards, mostly asking the ex President to keep quiet and allow Nigeria move forward.

The placards read: ‘We are for progress and development under President Buhari’, ‘Time for Obj to keep quiet and allow Nigeria Work’, among others.

The group’s executive director, Josephine Okpara said the rally was “to remind us all that we should not allow those who once tried to destroy the country to succeed.”

Okpara said: “We are for progress and development under President Buhari. It is something we want to continue. But unfortunately, those that have truncated the fortunes of the country want to be allowed to keep sabotaging the country.

“Most tragically but unsurprisingly, a former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, is the arrowhead of this misguided group. He has used the pedestal of the esteemed office he once occupied as a platform to launch attacks on a government that has succeeded in delivering to Nigerians what he failed to deliver in the eight years he led the country and things his party was not been able to deliver in the sixteen years it held Nigeria hostage.

“Had Obasanjo and his party laid the right foundation for Nigeria, the country would by now be past the stage where the present government has to begin building the nation afresh from the ground up.

“Obasanjo’s failure to build systems and institutions with preference for being the strong man has done untold damage to the psyche of the nation. The present administration is constrained to begin rebuilding critical national institutions while reintroducing systems that should have been in place long before it came into office.

“We do not want to venture into the parlous state of critical national infrastructure that are only now being built. Yet, in those eight and sixteen years, the country was bled dry, verging on the point of death while the enemies of the land pretended to be making giant strides.”

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