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Highly displeased man starts a trek from Lagos to Abuja against President Buhari

As showing he is among the lamenting Nigerians who are highly displeased with President Muhammadu Buhari's 2019 Presidential ambition, a man has started a trek from Lagos to Abuja.

A man who identified himself as Isa Mohammed Munlaila was pictured with a small box on his head, with the inscription: "RIP APC."

Speaking with the newsmen, the man said youths are angry with Buhari.

Munlaila also said that Nigerians are suffering and the cost of living has gone up, explaining that Buhari has totally failed Nigerians.

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  1. About time someone stood up and made that statement from amongst the Muslim community..was that supposed to read cost of living instead of standard of living or do they mean the sane thing..?