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"Further attempt to remove the Senate President shall be met with stiff resistance" - ND agitators warns APC

Following the move of the APC to forcefully removed Senate President, Bukola Saraki, a coalition of Niger Delta agitators, yesterday, warned that any more pressing move to unseat the Saraki will be highly unaccepted. 

In a statement, leaders of the groups ‘General’ John Duku, for Niger Delta Watchdogs and Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators; ‘General’ Ekpo Ekpo for Niger Delta Volunteers and others said: “After carefully studying the recent political developments in Nigeria in general and Niger Delta in particular, we hereby condemn the recent freezing of the Akwa Ibom State Government Account by the EFCC and we view it as an act of intimidation by agent of the Federal Government and APC to weaken the smooth running of government in the Niger Delta sate and we hereby warn the EFCC and other agents of the Federal Government to desist from this act of official recklessness and breach of constitution. 

“We also  condemn the recent Anti-Saraki threat by Miyetti Allah leaders and describe it as treasonable. We warn that any further attempt to attack or forcefully remove the Senate President from office shall be met with stiff resistance from the Niger Delta agitators.” 

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