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Child Trafficking: Blame Pastors - TV personality Afia Schwarzenegger write to Ghana President

TV personality and comedian Valentine Agyeiwaa who is popularly known as Afia Schwarzenegger has called on government to penalize perpetrators of child trafficking, BrownGH reports.

Afia Schwarzenegger expressed her disgust about how some quack pastors use children for chores and tasks meant for adults . According to Afia , children need to be protected and guided to form the right virtues in their formative years and not exploited for money .

She sent an open letter to the president of Ghana in a facebook post where she was watching a video of controversial Pastor Bishop Obinim.

In the video , Obinim made a child confessed of being a witch which according to the maverick TV presenter was not the prudent way to address such issues as children need not to be exposed to this . Here is her full unedited post :

“Dear Mr President… When will this end,when will religious attack on children end?when will we allow children to be children in Gh without infringing on their rights??? Nana Oye Lirhur failed miserably on this n so did Hon Otiko … Mr President i believe the 1st call of the ministry is to protect children,avoid child trafficking n child labour…do u know most of these kids who are used for such things normally live with a guardian not their parents and most of these guardians actually take money from these pastors after forcing these kids to humiliate themselves publicly Do u know they make lots of money from such FAKE testimonies?? Why are we exposing our future leaders to cyber bullies,threats and mockery… Who is making sure this ends…looking at how short life is,have we thought of answers to give God if these questions are raised on judgement day? NANA,you promised to be a father n President of everyone in this country,if you are still by ur word then the children of this nation are calling for help..They are tired of this religious kakistocracy.. We must halt this religious ludicrously lugubrious kakistocracy. Mr President I am maniacally bewildered,overgassted and flabberwhelmed at the paraplegic crinkum crankum that characterised the gender ministry… Help the children of Ghana now… Mr President this must fall on the breaks and end immediately!!!!Thank you.”

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  1. Yeah i totally agree with her sentiments...Bravo!