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Before my papa died at 97, he trekked at least 1mile a day - CharlyBoy blast President Buhari

After President Buhari claimed he trekked 800m from Mosque to home , it has generated angered reactions from Nigerians. Opposition Party are also not left out in blasting Buhari for using trekking as a prove of being fit for 2019.

Veteran musician, CharlyBoy has also poured out his vexation on the President, explaining that his father trekked 1 mile everyday before his death.

In a post on his Twitter page, Charly Boy wrote;

“If Buhari like make he trek from Abuja reach Jericho, who he help? Na confirm failure. Em health, em presidency, suffering Nigerians.

“Before my papa died at 97, he dey trek at least 1mile a day. Sai Baba go rest, no dey drag with your children dem. Is not by force Abegi.

“Oga president is not being praised for creating jobs or getting suffering Nigerians out of poverty. He is being praised for trekking two poles.”

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