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Angry female bartender mercilessly beat up man who failed to pay for his drinks (Pics/Video)

 A female bartender has been making rounds on the internet after mercilessly beating up a male drunkard who failed to pay after consuming her drink.

The man after drinking in her bar failed to pay when she demanded for her money.

"Where is my money? Give me money. You have to pay me," the angered lady said as she beats him mercilessly.

The video which went viral in Kenya has seen Kenyans show displeasure on the event that played out and are calling for her arrest.

In response to the people's demand, office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) has now launched a manhunt for the woman and has appealed for the general public to bring forth information that might lead to her arrest. 

Watch video below; 

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  1. Dammn...she should be the security at the door..not a bartender...thats just plain cruel..😣