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Alibaba supports American man who said: "if you are an intelligent Nigerian, you need to get out of that country if you want to get ahead"

Nigerian ace comedian, Alibaba, has backed an American who on his Instagram post advised every intelligent Nigerian to leave the country if they want to get ahead of life. The American made the statement when a Nigerian journalist asked what he thinks about Nigeria.

The Americcan wrote;

Everything that I've ever heard about Nigeria... If you don't open your pocket and pay off everyone, from the lowest to the highest, you don't get anything done.

And I've read Nigerian artists, I mean writers, and they all seem to say that.

Also, now in Nigeria, if you are an intelligent Nigerian, you need to get out of that country if you want to get ahead. Because the powers that be there want to hold everybody down, especially women and especially intelligent people.

Alibaba supportedly wrote;

And we are banning #thisisNigeria... The world is a global village now. People can see the things that happen here. Before you write this off, #WoleSoyinka was recognized outside Nigeria before we did 20 years after. Check out our sportsmen. #chimamandangoziadichie Is another point. Even our crude oil gets treated better and given value after it leaves our shores.

Aba made shoes only get respected when they carry a foreign label. Many of our girls only get noticed after they become white... @asaofficial was on my concert in Nigeria in the early 2000s... she had to go out to make us appreciate. A Nigerian drummer won a Grammy... We No even recognize am here. Fela was jailed here and hailed overseas. Halliburton guys were jailed in America for giving bribes... but the people who received the bribe are walking free. Someone gets jailed for things he runs to hide from in Nigeria.... The list is endless

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