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25-year-old pastor kills himself after his girlfriend got engaged to another man (Photos)

 A 25-year-old pastor ended his life after his girlfriend got engaged to another man.

The Ugandan clergy who was based in Massachusetts, United States, took his life after photos of his girlfriend's engagement photos went viral.

The sad event played out a month after he left his woman in Uganda. His remains was found at the state cemetery on Monday afternoon, July 30. 

The deceased identified as Abel Ayinza was the adopted son of Pastor Samuel Mutyaba of New Life Christian International Church, Watertown in Massachusetts. His ex-girlfriend was also identified as Juliet. 

However, a Ugandan man living in the US reportedly disclosed that: “He was so depressed when the photographs went viral and it became quite difficult for him to bear.” 

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  1. He really loved her but she didnt trust him enough to wait for him..i hope her mind will never be at peace for what she has done! 😢