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2019: "Buhari relies on security agencies and INEC to rig for him" - Secondus talks deep

National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has said that Pres. Buhari rely on the independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to rig 2019 election for him.

Speaking to The Punch in reaction to President Buhari’s assertion that the APC will win both the presidential and other elections, the National Chairman of PDP, Prince Uche Secondus, said the President was only being deceived by those who do not understand the game of politics.

Secondus said, “President Buhari is being deceived by those who are not familiar with politics of their states that they would deliver results to him.

“The President and the APC would be shocked with the level of their rejection by the electorate come 2019.

“Winning of elections is not about boasting. What will the President tell Nigerians that he has done for them?

“What will he tell workers he has done for them? What will he tell Nigerians he has done about the economy, job creation and others?

“Will Nigerians vote for someone who will not stay in the country to administer the country, but would choose to be junketing all over the world?

“We know he relies on security agencies and INEC to rig for him, but we want to assure him that the people are determined to put an end to the misery he and his government have brought to the nation.”

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