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How i sacrificed my husband to get a big paying job - Desperate Woman confesses

A woman very desperate to have a big job confessed how she sacrificed her husband unknowingly to her.

The Ghanaian woman shared her story to a well-known social media relationship expert, Dvaid Papa Bondze-Mbir and begged him to make it public.

She explained how her girlfriend introduced her to this young and simple man in order to get the job.

Read below;


"Good morning, Dave.

Please, I do NOT want you to share my story. I just need your opinion. Can we agree on that?

David Papa Bondze-Mbir (DPB-M): Yes please!

"Thanks! A major job opening was drawn to my attention in 2017. I have a Masters degree and over 10 years working experience. However, I did not have certain requirements to enable me be shortlisted. The salary and other benefits to the job were impressive, I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by...

I discussed it with one of my girlfriends, and she introduced me to this man. Very simple guy, living an average life. We met in his house, and my friend told him about the job opening. He asked me how desperate I was in wanting it. I told him to whatever desperation.

He asked who in my life I was pissed at that particular day. I had had a big argument with my husband that morning - and was pissed at him; so I told the man. He asked of his name, and that was that. He gave me plain water to drink, and then encouraged me to apply for the job.

Dave, just like that. So, I did, when I got home that evening.

I got the job, Two (2) months after applying. That was last year, July. First week of this month, my husband died, right beside me in bed. He wasn't sick, nothing!

I've been grieving for days, and still in shock. The friend who introduced me to the man we met last year - recently reminded me of the sacrifice I made to secure the job position. I asked what sacrifice, and she said, I exchanged the name of my husband for the job.

I didn't want to believe she was serious because I did no such thing, so I went to meet with the man to make further enquiries: And he confirmed I made such an exchange.

I don't understand what is going on, Dave. He asked who had pissed me off that day, and I said, 'my husband'. How is that an exchange/sacrifice in any way?

I am so offended, I feel like reporting him to the appropriate authorities. Because, my husband died on the very date I was offered the job - last year, this month. The very same date. 
That's not all... I also got to know my friend's reason for being in her second marriage is also because, she went to see this same man for an advice about an opportunity, and she mentioned the name of her late husband, and he died mysteriously. She's married to her second husband now.

Do you think I did what my friend and that man are claiming?

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  1. Obviously strong juju at work...a high price to pay for a bloody job! 😠