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Pep Guardiola finally replies Yaya Toure after he was tagged a Racist

Former Man City midfielder, Yaya Toure, unhappy departure from Eithad stadium pushed him to make some claims against Man City Boss, Guardiola.

Yaya Toure who only made 10 appearances in the Premier League last season accused Pep Guardiola of being a Racist.

"He [Guardiola] insists he has no problems with black players, because he is too intelligent to be caught out,’ Toure claimed last week," Toure claimed.

"But when you realise that he has problems with Africans, wherever he goes, I ask myself questions. He will never admit it. ‘But the day he will line up a team in which we find five Africans, not naturalised, I promise I will send him a cake."

When asked about Toure’s comments on Spanish show TV3, Guardiola revealed what he really thought.

"It is a lie, he knows it," he said,

"We were together two years and it is only now when he says it. He never told me face to face."

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