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Meet a woman who is afraid of sleeping because of her terrible skin disease (Photos)

A sad and depressed lady, Kiara Adoranti is living a very isolated life as she is unable to touch or hug and also afraid of sleeping.

The 20-year-old has severe eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis.

The severe skin disease covers most of her body and she ends up in hospital.

According to Kiara, her mother Rosalie must wake her through the night to coat her skin in steroid cream and wrap it in bandages.

If she doesn’t, her skin will dry so much it will break, which is “excruciating”, she said.

“My parents have to sedate me and my mum set an alarm for every hour,” said Ms Adoranti, from Sydney’s Castle Hill.

“When it’s very, very bad it dries itself out very quickly. I’m worried it’s going to split - and that’s terrifying.

“I can’t make plans because I never know what to expect, there’s times when I’m literally bedridden.

“I can’t go to work, I often don’t have a social life, and I can go months without seeing my friends- it gets so bad I can’t physically move.”

Her family has now been told there’s not much solution  out there 

A new drug called dupixent, which has shown success in America, is the only piece of hope left - but she has to be well enough to get on a trial.

Not only that, Ms Adoranti is facing having to give up her job as a beautician - a career she became interested in to help other people with skin problems - because she’s had so much time off sick.

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