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World Cup: I hate Neymar - Miss Bum Bum directs her support for Brazil to Argentina (Photos)

Miss Bum Bum, who is a Brazilian national, Suzy Cortez, has maintained that she will not support Brazil in the World Cup in Russia, and will instead support Argentina because of her love for Lionel Messi.

She also said that the only player she likes in the Brazilian team is Coutinho because of his humility.

Following her statement, it is clear she dislikes Neymar and the likes of Marcelo.

Suzy told Daily Star Online: “I do not like most players in Brazil because they played in rival teams in Sao Paulo. “I like Miranda because he is a former SPFC player.

“I really like Coutinho for his humility and for being the best Brazilian player. “I will cheer for Argentina. In the Brazil team I just like Coutinho, the rest, I hate the other players. “Argentina will be world champions for the simple reason that they have the best player in history, Messi.

 “I’m a Messi fan because he plays for Barcelona and because he’s the best player in football history. “I lived half of my life in Barcelona and I’m a fan of the team.”

Suzy previously disclosed she is set to strip off and pose in the colours of England with body paint.

She said: “I will do these photos to encourage the English team for several reasons. “Because I love London, I like Chelsea, I live near the club and the fans always recognise me and treat me very well, even though I cheer against them in matches with Barcelona.

“I’m waiting for Nike to send me the England team shirt and if I have time I’ll pose in red and white body painting. “I’ll do the photo shoot with the colours of England in June.

 “I love London, it’s where I spend most of the year. “I’m going to cheer for England at the World Cup. “I am currently waiting for Nike to send me the England shirt so I can do the photo shoot.

“This English team will go a long way in the World Cup with this great generation of Kane, Alli and Rashford.”

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