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How a pastor raped me in my house - 8-year-old broken girl cries out to Nigerian philanthropist

A 8-year-old broken girl reached out to a Nigerian philanthropist, Dr. Yolanda George-David, narrating how a man said to be a pastor raped her.

Dr Yolanda, aka Aunt Landa, wrote:

An 8years old Girl,called the foundation's rescue line....She refused to talk to anyone...all she wanted was to talk to Aunt Landa... ...She was crying but she knew what she wanted... "Aunt Landa"..
Agatha forwarded her number to me.. and I called.. ...As soon as I said "HELLO", she went... "Aunt Landa please can you come and get me, my lesson teacher just pushed his thing into me and there is blood everywhere ..." ...she continued..
"Aunty please don't tell my mummy, she won't believe me because Uncle (lesson teacher) is our pastor in church..." Oh mhen!!! I hate Sitting in the Car.. stuck in traffic on the way to any rescue... ...my head was going through a lot of things until I got stuck on ...'AM I DOING ENOUGH?

So I tried to put some of the relief mechanisms projects onto one page, that's the picture up there...to see if there's something else I should be doing... Gratefully...we arrived.. From rescuing that little girl..explaining to her what a rape kit was... to washing the blood off her after she had been processed... to fighting with her parents who said she was possessed blaming her for making them miss bible study ... and to watching them act like they couldn't see that their pastor had raped their daughter .. ...the question still kept hounding me..

AM I DOING ENOUGH? As I held her in my arms trying to comfort her...
It was still there... AM I DOING ENOUGH?
Even as I type these words... I still wonder AM I DOING ENOUGH?
I have spent all of my life..serving... holding several victims... but tonight..I wonder...AM I DOING ENOUGH?... #AuntLanda 

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