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Help! My wife stopped sleeping on our matrimonial bed because we make love 3 times a week - Man cries out

A Nigerian man is disturbed after his wife suddenly started rejecting his sexual advances. He explained that they both make love three times a week, but his wife started rejecting his sexual advances and complained that he likes sex too much.

His wife started sleeping in her children's room and parlour after then to restrict him from touching her.

He is seeking your advise on what to do.

The man with Social media username, @Ecgreb, wrote;

Good morning nairalanders. I have been married to my wife for more than 10 years now and we have beautiful kids. She was the first and only woman I have ever had sex with. Averagely, we have sex 3 times weekly and it has always been fun. I ensure that I carryout my manly responsibilities by providing for the family and trying to make everyone happy. Few days ago, she decline my sexual advances. Later, I ask to know why she did that and she told me that I love sex too much. I was embarrassed. She sleeps nowadays in the children room or in the parlour just to avoid me though she refuses to accept that truth. Please I wish to know ideally how many times couples here have sex with their partners weekly and how I can control my sex cravings towards her. I just wish I can stay away from having sex with her even for two months.

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