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Woman with two wombs, multiple fibroids and other health issues miraculously delivers bouncing baby after doctor said she can't

According to YEN who monitored an interview on GHONE TV, Ms. Elizabeth Amoaa  has been battling with various illnesses and health conditions for the fact that she has double wombs, fibroids, endometriosis, and other related issues. 

Narrating how it all started, Elizabeth said at age 9, she felt uneasy in her body, facing severe abdominal cramps, but she paid no attention to it. 

However, when it was time for puberty, she had unexplained menstrual cramps, irregular menstrual cycle, which made her feel unusual. 

After marriage at age 27 -28 years, Elizabeth said she was not feeling good in her body like any other human being should feel. She added that she was always falling sick, always throwing up for no reason, and always looked pale. 

It was then that her husband decided to take her to the hospital for a thorough check up, and it was realized that she had double wombs, fibriods, endometriosis, cysts, and others. 

According to Elizabeth, who is now getting to 36 years, her whole life changed immediately she got the news that she was actually living with all those reproductive health issues. 

She was then put on many health screenings, and unfortunately, the doctors declared her infertile, ruling out every possibility of her bearing a child. 

But Elizabeth said nearly 8 years ago, she got pregnant, and by the Grace of God, she had a baby girl who is very healthy and has no health issues, and she calls her "miracle baby". 

Narrating how the birth of her baby came about, Elizabeth said “I did not suffer with the delivery process. I didn’t even have to push; my water just broke and the baby came without any pains.”

Elizabeth said she has traveled around the world and attended to by over 15 doctors. She revealed that for some years now, she has been put on a routine cancer test, and this gets her very scary sometimes. 

She proudly calls herself the “special lady” and has started a media campaign to create awareness about her health issues which according to her, many other women are facing but unable to speak out about it. 

Ms. Elizabeth Amoaa says she believes in miracle, therefore, she hopes to wake up on day to see that her fibroids and cysts have stopped growing if not vanished. 

For the double wombs, she said nothing can be done about it because she was born with it, revealing that an attempted surgery to remove one of the wombs posed a threat to her life.  

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