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Strange as man brutally cut his manhood while watching porn (Photos)

Strange things never cease to happen as a man in Thailand deeply injured his manhood when he was watching hardcore porn in his home.

Whisanu Srisanao, 30, was watching the porn on a smartphone in his apartment in the Khet Nong Chok district of Bangkok when he got “too excited”.

The sadomasochist then grabbed a knife and started hacking away at his joystick until there was blood all over the apartment.

Although he tried to stop the blood flow, he called paramedics after discovering that he could not.

The paramedic who treated Srisanao said, “The man was unwilling to co-operate fully.

“‘I was watching porn, I was watching porn.’

“He blamed the videos for making him get too excited. He would not say anything more or tell us more details.

“We provided medical assistance and transferred him to hospital.”

He is currently being treated at a local hospital – Hospital Navamin 9.

See photos below;

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  1. He could have been on some kind of drug to make him crazy like that...i mean who would be that crazy to cut of his manhood while totally sane and sober?

  2. @Fijiana, you are right... I was just wondering what kind of excitement would push him to the extent of cutting his manhood... Maybe he also has some mental issue