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Nigerian pastor apprehended in Zambia for drug trafficking, then this happens

Magistrate Brian Simachela has acquitted Nigerian prophet Isaac Amata of two counts of drug trafficking because the prosecution’s evidence was not sufficient to place him on his defence.

Amata, of Delta Ibu State, was accused of trafficking and importing of 26.29 kilogrammes of ephedrine without lawful authority.

It was alleged that Amata committed the offences on January 24 this year.

Ruling on whether Amata had a case to answer or not, magistrate Simachela said the prosecution failed to prove the case against him, according to Lusaka

“I find the accused with no case to answer and acquit him accordingly…you are free to go home,” he said amid ululations while the prophet warmly smiled.

Amata had asked the court to acquit him and argued that the prosecution’s evidence did not show that he trafficked and imported the drugs.

He had submitted that the prosecutions did not bring key witnesses in the matter.

After his acquittal, Amata said his prosecution did not make Zambia a bad nation.

Amata thanked his lawyer Tutwa Ngulube and Ireen Kunda for representing him, saying they did so because they had trust in him.

He said he has been vindicated and his name cleared because he was innocent.

And Ngulube said Amata was innocent from the scratch and was grateful that the court set him free.

“The man of God did not have anything to do with the trafficking charge or the bag and we are happy that the man of God is going home,” said Ngulube, adding that he would get further instructions from Amata on whether or not to sue the State.

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