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I had my first sex in 2017 - says Actress Baby Blanche who advocates for women to stop wearing underwear

Ghanaian actress, Baby Blanche has made a shocking revelation about her sex journey.

Baby Blanche, who can be remembered as when she voiced out to women in encouragement to stop wearing underwear, said she kept her virginity until last year because she had good upbringing.

She also claimed that she does not remember the last time she had intercourse with a man after breaking her virginity in 2017. 

Baby Blanche was reportedly speaking in an interview with News-One over the weekend. 

“I remember the last time I broke my virginity but I can't remember the last time I had sex. It's been a long time I had sex,” Baby said. 

She also called out young girls who lost their virginities before they turned eighteen years, describing them as a bad examples for the society. 

“Actually I am a very good girl. I didn't do it early. I broke my virginity not very early and I didn't do it before I turned 18. That's why I am saying I am a very, very good girl. Some girls broke their virginity early and if they weren't raped then they are very bad girls,” Baby Blanche said. 

“When a girl breaks her virginity before eighteen, it means there is a problem with their upbringing as a girl and that's my opinion,” Baby Blanche stated. ]

Baby Blanche is noted for movies including 'Rhapsody of Love', 'Love & Sex', 'Hot Fork', 'Adult Only', 'My Sister', 'Sons of Satan' and 'Hotel Babylon'. 

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