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"I am obsessed with Children; expect a baby from me soon" - Mercy Johnson discloses

Nigerian ace actress and mother of three, Mercy Johnson, has revealed she is expecting a baby soon. The actress revealed this in an interview with The Sun. She disclosed that she is obsessed with children.

See the excerpt below;

You always show off your husband on Instagram, the happy couple; so there is a belief that you’re out to mock those who are not as lucky as you are in marriage, what’s your take on this?

My dear, I am not in competition with anybody. I always do me, because I’m just myself. You can never tell what tomorrow will beget. I’m always me, even on social media.

Kids always want mummy around, how do you cope leaving your children for days while on location?

It has not been easy, but we are in the jet age. I am a working mother. I have to work. However, like I said earlier, it’s all about scale of preference. I give everyone and everything it’s own time.

When should we expect another baby from you?

Sure! Very soon.

Are you not scared of the labour room?

I’m obsessed with children. While growing up, I always had it in mind that I’ll have four children. So, we still need one more to complete it (laughs). So we can always play football correctly, three boys, three girls.

What gave you that bold scar on your neck?

I don’t want to talk about it. It’s personal.

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  1. Modern women can balance work, home and having kids...multitasking...kudos to her!

  2. Mary Nma12:41 pm

    She is a super woman