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"Heavily Armed robbers returned my money and blamed me for not telling them i am a Chosen member after sighting my Apron" - Lord's Chosen Member

Brother Christian Chinasa, a member of the Lord's Chosen gave a testimony of how God used his church's apron to deliver him from robbers armed to the teeth.

He explained he was not an identified member of the Church when the event played out at his home in September 2017.

Read what he said below;

God knows his people. He even chooses them from the womb to protect them from all evil. It is in this way God used the presence of The Lord’s Chosen apron to protect me from various evil attacks.

It happened that armed robbers broke into my house at about 2:30 a.m. As they entered into the sitting room where I was sleeping with my wife, I was suddenly woken by their shout, ‘Where is money in this house?’.

As I woke up, I saw them armed to the teeth. I told them to wait. I went to where I kept money, brought all I had and gave to them.

My wife ran into the bedroom and one of them wanted to follow her but I called him back and told him I have given them all I have in the house. As one of them looked at the side of the window, he saw the Lord’s Chosen apron. He asked me whether I am a Chosen and I answered in the affirmative. He returned the money given to him and even blamed me for not telling them from the onset of their entry and robbery.

The leader of the gang asked me whether they collected any other thing from me and I said no. They hurriedly left the house.

At this time, I was not a Chosen but I came in contact with The Lord’s Chosen apron at a refuse dump at Alaba-Rago. I was passing along the road and I saw some apron thrown away. I passed by, but one spirit told me to pick the apron.

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