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"Anytime i disagree with my wife, she will pick a knife and attempt to cut my penis" - Man cries out to Court

A 29-year-old Zambian man narrated before a Local Court in Lusaka that his wife attempts to pull his manhood and picks a knife whenever they differ.

Friday Chimwala of Garden House area was testifying in a case in which his wife, Mary Mwewa, 25, of Zingalume township sued him for divorce after separating for two weeks.

The two got married in 2013 and they have two children. Dowry was paid.

Mwewa told Matero Senior Local Court Magistrates Pauline Newa and Miyanda Banda that she had no peace since she got married because Chimwala has been failing to pay house rentals and that he abandoned her on three occasions, according to ZambianObserver.

She explained that Chimwala was not providing money for food and that when they came for reconciliation, he refused to reconcile.

In defence, Chimwala said he found Mwewa with two children when he married her but the father of the children approached him that he had grabbed his wife who just went to her parents` home to give birth.

He explained that every time they differed, Mwewa attempted to pull his manhood and that she would pick a knife.

‘’The other time I left the matrimonial home because Mwewa said her first husband looked after her well,’’ Chimwala said.

Asked by the court why he refused to reconcile with Mwewa, Chimwala said he refused to reconcile with her because she attempted to pull his manhood and picked a knife each time they differed.

Passing judgment, the court said there was lack of communication because marriage could not be on- and-off because people who love each other stay together even if they are suffering.

The court said there was lack of trust because Chimwala said his wife attempted to pull his manhood whenever they differed.

The court granted the couple divorce ordering Chimwala to compensate Mwewa K5000 with initial payment of K1000. This would be followed by monthly instalments of K300 while children maintenance was placed at K350 per month.

No household properties to be shared because the landlord got it.

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