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School girl and boy caught bonking each other forced to flog themselves unclad (Photos)

Social media has been abuzz with a viral video of a young man and woman whipping each other after being busted having sex doing rounds.

The school girl vs boy in the video was captured by someone who was in the room, alongside a small crowd, where the two young ‘lovers’ were caught, according to SDE.

Though the video is undated and the location unknown, those who busted the two can be heard forcing them to discipline each other.

Only dressed in their innerwear, the two take turns whipping one another under stern instructions from those who have apprehended them. The young girl, allegedly a school girl, is made to lie down first and her lover given a cane to whip her.

The man gives her slight strokes oblivious of what awaits him. When his turn comes, she viciously whips him as she is urged to go harder alternating between his back, butt and thighs.

The weeping girl is also occasionally flogged by someone standing behind her when she fails to beat the man as hard as she is instructed.

A man in the group is heard asking the girl who approached the other for the sex and she hurriedly responds that it was the rider, hilariously whipping him even harder. At some point, she is again asked where they have kept the protection they had used and she shakenly says she doesn’t know and that it is the rider who keeps and knows where they are.

Amid cheers from the watching men urging her to cane him harder, the young girl continues whipping the man as he is asked why he is crying and it is his lover canning him.

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