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"My wife had her traditional marriage with another man while still living in my house" - Man in deep shock reveals

A shocking event was narrated by a man who admitted he was a cheating husband, but never knew his wife, identified as Mama Rachael got a storming payback plan.

The story which has made rounds on the internet in Kenya was shared on Mzuuri website.

The man who shared the story said his wife actually had a traditional marriage with another man while she was still living with him.

He explained that he thought his wife has forgiven him for cheating on her, not knowing she has her own plan.

Here is what he wrote;

“I was married for 3 yrs until Saturday. I used to flirt with other girls and my wife found out( kawaida tu ya wanaume). She confronted me and I kicked her out (speak of pride), but we reconciled took her back and life continued. Still flirting with my babes, and I created a very strong password so her accessing my phone was ngumu,” he said.

He, however, noted that after a while his wife changed and started dressing sexier, using different perfume and better hairstyles.

“Last year around May my wife started Changing, she started wearing different hairstyle from her usual ponytail and perfume, she looked more beautiful and she was ever happy. She stopped bothering my phone and my life and I thought it was good and she was just amazing.”

“The problem is, I found out that my wife moved on kitambo, the time she found out I was flirting with some other girls, she met another man and her traditional was held on Saturday (juzi). How did all this happen without my consent? Yaani this woman, she dated someone and she’s married bado akiwa kwangu? I never saw any sign of her cheating her phone was always on the table, I never heard her talk to anyone, all this time!! How!” he lamented.

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