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"Help! I can't stand my new husband because I don't love him; I still love my ex" - Confused woman says

A lady who just got into a marriage for two months now has disclosed she is tired already and wants to divorce her husband because she is still inlove with her ex-boyfriend.

She sent a mail to nairaland for advice.

"I Am still in love with my ex but I am married to a stranger

I wish to seek advice from nairalanders. I will accept insults. I just got married 2 months ago. 

Let me start by saying I dated my ex for 4 years. We loved ourselves but you know as the year went by, my ex started showing some attitudes like hiding his phone when sleeping. Also his parents came up that we can't marry, simply becauss I am not same state with him. 

While all this played out, this friend of mine connected me to a guy whom came back from abroad to marry. I saw the guy but didn't like him but before we met. I already informed my parents about this guy from abroad who likes me a lot. Without seeking for my approval. My parents got carried away and insisted that it's him they want, not my ex anymore. Out of fustration and pressure I married this new guy but I feel no love for him. My ex also wants me back and I want same because I love him.

I plan to divorce my husband because I can't stand that he Will be my husband for life. I don't love him. 

Please advise me."

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