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Heartless woman buries her new-born baby alive after giving birth (Photo)

Residers in a Kenyan village in Bomet County was thrown into shock after 5 wandering dogs dug out a new born baby buried alive on 7th April, 2018.

Villagers disclosed that they were shocked when they dogs unearthed a tea plantation and discovered a new-born baby buried alive.

“The dogs were backing and howling, thing that is unusual during daytime and minutes later it was discovered that they had exhumed the body of baby boy,” said one villager.

Furious villages quickly carried the baby and moved to a suspect who was pregnant and was the owner of the tea plantation.

The woman pretended to have gone mad when she was questioned about the baby and what happened to her pregnancy.

 “I’ve known her for a while, she separated with the husband long time ago, but she was expectant, she usually pluck tea around,” added the neighbour.

Police officers from the nearby Mogogosiek police station were alerted and arrested the woman.

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