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Harry Kane is seriously affected after Fans blasted him for Eriksen goal battle - Pochettino

Tottenham goal-lord Harry Kane was awarded a goal against Stoke City after appealing the decision to award it to Christian Eriksen.

Kane was blasted on social media after he sweared with his daughter's life that he touched the ball before reaching the back of the net.

“I swear on my daughter’s life that I touched the ball, but there’s nothing I can do," said Kane.

“If they can turn it around, they can turn it around. If they take my word, they take my word. The most important thing is that we won the game.”

The beautiful striker is moving to win his third conservative Golden Boot award, but his motivation has been kicked as fans blasted the striker.

“Of course, he never thought that this situation would escalate, when he was so certain that he touched the ball,” Pochettino said, as per The Telegraph.

“After the game Harry said he touched the ball with a shoulder, he told Christian. I think Harry is a very honest person, he’s not going to lie about this situation. It’s not a big issue for the team.

“It’s normal that he was a little bit disappointed [by the response] because Harry and all our players have Twitter, Instagram and all those things and while Tottenham fans will have supported him, fans of other clubs will have killed him.

“People have opinions, but that is normal. He was disappointed because he never wanted to create this.

"Sometimes it can seem a simple thing, and then it becomes big and you can’t stop it. That is what happened here. I think he is going to learn a lot from this you know.”

Kane has 25 goals but Salah, who has played one game more, is on 29.

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