Nigerian man states how good sex can deceive someone's thought and make you believe this

A Nigerian man via Twitter stated how good sex can take over your thoughts and deceive you to think you are in love and other funny things.

Ayo FBI tweets read;

Good sex will influence your decision and make you think you’re in Love.

Good sex will leave you blaming yourself for an event that was totally not your fault. Good sex will have you apologizing for shits you didn’t do.

Good sex will have you think you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

Good sex will let you see a distance like Lagos to Maiduguri as Yaba to Oyingbo.

Good sex will make you disown your family.

If the sex is good, take a timeout to understand that you’re are actually really in Love. Some people think they are in Love but nah, it’s just the sex saying that shit in their head. Remove the sex and see if there’s anything left. That’s the essence of this thread Goodnight

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