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Most Famous wellness and Fitness trainer reveals what she will never eat or drink

Beautiful and Insta-popular Australian fitness trainer, 26-year-old Kayla Itsines, enjoys nine million followers. The largely loved fitness icon was named by Forbes as the most influential fitness celebrity in the world in 2017. She has a workout App called Sweat, e-books and coveted branded gear as she is now a full-time wellness star.

“We have the largest female community in the whole world,” Itsines tells Yahoo Lifestyle about her BBG fitness community. “The reason that it’s been most effective is because it’s about the community and showcases the success of others.”

Now the wellness icon has disclosed the secret of her wellness is not just in her fitness training, but also in her diet and don't fail to listen to her body.

She spoke with Yahoo lifestyle;

“In the morning, I get up and have toast, tomatoes, some olives and anchovies,” she says, walking us through a day of typical meals. “Then, I’ll have some fruit or dip with cut up vegetables. Sometimes, I’ll have seasonal fruit. Right now, my grandma is growing figs. At lunch, I have things like sushi or stuffed vegetables, pasta with red sauce, meats, salads, and bread. I always try to have protein, carbs, fats. I try to include everything in my diet. I wouldn’t just eat like a tuna salad. I need a tuna salad and bread.

“The only things I stay away from, because I’m lactose intolerant, are things like cheeses and milks,” she says. “I’ll still eat them, but not the original versions. For dinner it’s the same thing, pastas and vegetables. I have a very Mediterranean diet.” There’s one thing she avoids: Itsines doesn’t drink alcohol.

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