Mike Tyson Luxury Mansion now a Church, his swimming Pool room turned to main auditorium (Photo)

The luxury mansion belonging to an ex heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson, in Ohio, USA, has been turned into a church.

The Living Word Sanctuary Church have now occupied the mansion.

The building, which occupied 25,000 square feet, was donated to Living Word Sanctuary Church after Paul Monea, who initially bought it from the ex-boxing champion was convicted of money laundering.

Monea was imprisoned in 2007 – eight years after he bought the property from Tyson for $1.3m.

The swimming pool room had been turned into the main auditorium while the basketball court turned into a youth centre.

While Speaking to the Tribune-Chronicle, church pastor Nicholas DeJacimo said, “us getting this is a miracle.

“It was basically donated to us because the former owner needed to write it off. I tell the congregation God literally gave us this.

“He literally gave us a free campus to do whatever we want. We will use it to glorify him.

“Work is continuing on the renovation. Once completed church members will move from the local YMCA where they’ve recently been meeting.”

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