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"I strangled my husband to death with a rope because he used to physically abuse me" - Woman expresses

A released Kenyan woman who spent fives in prison for manslaughter has explained that she killed her husband because he used to physically abuse her. 

She said she strangled her husband to death with rope when he went violent on him.

She also expressed how getting freedom has changed her life positively, also revealing that she is still pained by her action.

See what she wrote below:

Name: Mercy Mwamba, 34, Hard time: 5 years, Crime: Manslaughter

My husband used to physically abuse me. Fed up, I moved out and rented my own house. But he came after me thinking that I was having an affair and started beating me.

He was drunk and I strangled him with a rope. I went to prison in 2012.

It haunts me that I killed him. I did not plan or want to kill my husband. He was after all the father of my two children, but my relationship with God helps me.

Today, our daughter, 15, lives with me while the younger one lives with her paternal relatives.

In prison, I learnt how to know and hear from God. I was a Catholic but I converted to SDA and I was baptised. I am a singer and I compose my songs. I also learnt how to do beadwork, tailoring, making baskets and serviette boxes.

I went to school up to Class Eight, but in prison I went up to Form Two and then decided that I wasn’t suited for it and started computer training.  

I tried to seek forgiveness from my late husband’s family, but this was not possible. My parents told me not return there, saying that I did not know what they were thinking.

If he was still alive, I would not have left him. I now know God thus would have handled the whole situation better. I would have known that it was a spiritual battle, and dealt with it spiritually. I will not remarry though. I do not care about that anymore.  

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