"I don’t know why I married my husband" - Cheating wife reveals dirty regrets

A married woman made a confession together with other Ghanaian married women who disclosed their sexual escapades with other men outside their matrimonial home on Facebook in private inbox of David Papa Bondze-Mbir to share on his wall to the public on condition of anonymity when he asked for true confessions on why some married women cheated on their partners.

Below is one of various confessions of married women on why they cheated on their spouse:

“I’ve been married for a few months (not even up to a year). I guess I’m cheating on my husband because he didn’t really meet my expectation. Don’t ask me what that means – because I am still figuring it out myself. He’s not enough for me in everything. My present worry is how secure (financially) I am going to be, with him. I don’t know why I married him.

I know, it sounds foolish, but that’s the truth, Dave. I still can’t name one reason why I married him. Of course, I love him, but what kind of love it is – I don’t know. The man I am having an affair with, gives me GHs 2, 500(N202,702), every two weeks. It’s been Seven (7) months now, and he’s still wiring that amount into my account. According to him, I deserve it. I deserve to be pampered. He makes me happy, Dave. Sometimes, I wish I could give him a baby instead.”

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