Female Housemaid rapes her Master's son and infects him with a deadly disease

A Kenyan housemaid who was accused of raping her boss' son has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

The female house help, identified as Naomi Bonareri, had been sentenced to life but successfully appealed the initial judgement. She is said to have committed the offence in February 2014 in Juja.

She was also accused of carrying out an indecent act with the child and infecting him with dangerous sexually transmitted diseases.

The lower court convicted Bonareri for the offence of defilement and sentenced her to life imprisonment.

She appealed the ruling on July 13, 2017 pointing out that the case was not proven beyond reasonable doubt and that the child’s testimony was not corroborated.

She also stated that the trial magistrate relied on medical evidence including the P3 form and treatment notes which were not produced by the makers, and were therefore inadmissible among other arguments.

The court had heard that Naomi raped the boy while his parent were away.

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