"Bambam joined BBN as a messenger of God; Nina and Miracle prays every night before sex" - Dee-One

Evicted housemate of 2018 Big Brother Naija, Dee-One, has disclosed what took place in the house while he was there.

While picking on his former housemates, Dee-One revealed that Bambam came into the show as a faithful christian. He said Bambam told fellow housemates that God speaks to her.

Dee-One said that while reacting to Bambam and Teddy A sex in the toilet, and also said that Nina and Miracle always read the Bible and pray before having sex.

He blasted Nigerians for being hypocrites and disclosed that housemates are encouraged to do anything before the starting of the program.

Dee-One who spoke on Fly TV, said, “Nigerians are funny. They’ll be like ‘be yourself do what ever you want’ but when you do it they will turn against you saying ‘no o no o.'” and I’m thinking, ‘whats happening?’

“Some people said, ‘Bambam is such a dedicated girl. A chorister in her church. Why should she bring such a shame in her family.

“I’m like ‘What’s this?’ Bambam came to us, even me…as a spiritual person. I mean, as someone that receives messages from God.

“She told us that God speaks through her and sometimes we even wanted to go to her to know who would be leaving the house first.

“She told us that when she prays and gets information from God, some people would not understand her because they don’t connect to her level.

“Even Nina and Miracle, there was something they were doing. In the evening they will pray. When they want to sleep they’ll read Bible, pray then lie down and have sex.

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