Self-proclaimed Pastor disappears with his female member over N8 million

South African police are currently in search of fake pastor and his assistant who duped a woman and ran away with her pension money.

On December 27, 2016, a 46-year-old woman was introduced by one "King Bagyenyi Justus" to another man claiming to be a pastor, Captain Stephen Thakeng said.

"The complainant met the pastor of one of the churches in Manny's, Welkom. The complainant was told to resign from her work so that she can be helped. She was apparently shown a box containing a lot of money that amounts to R4 million. She was told it was all her money if she resigns and give her pension money," he said.

After she resigned, she was instructed by the "pastor" to withdraw all her pension money from the bank, amounting to R265 000(N8,287,398), which she did and then gave it to him. "He disappeared with the pension money and the victim never get R4 million. The victim realised then that she had been scammed and reported the incident to the police." 

A case of theft was registered for investigation. The bogus pastor and "King Bagyenyi Justus" were wanted for disappearing with the victim’s pension money. People were "sternly warned not to believe bogus pastors or prophets who tell them to resign from their work", Thakeng said.

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