"I send snakes, bees and ants to recover people's property for me" - Witch doctor says

KINGSLEY IWU formerly reported about a witch doctor, Mganga wa Nyuki who claimed women who sleep unclad are more likely to invite ghosts to sex them and make them barren in life.

The witch doctor has also said to Nairobian and monitored by KINGSLEY IWU --  who firstly reported about the witch doctor in Nigeria -- that he has power to recover people's property from thieves by sending snakes, ants and bees. 

It was recalled in the photo above that a man was stormed by bees after stealing someone's property and was forced to return it.

Here is a witch doctor, Ali Maalim Bakari a.k.a Mganga wa Nyuki, who KINGSLEY IWU can't confirm if he was behind the bees that stormed the robber, but said;  “For me to command bees or safari ants, the owner must prove ownership of the property.  Say for example, it is a stolen car, the owner must provide genuine documents. From there, I command either bees, ants or snakes from Kinunguna cave to attack the victim, who must surrender the stolen goods,” he said.

He also added that, he charges depending on the value of the property.

 “If the vehicle is Sh5 million, I only ask for Sh50,000 for the service, for other problems, I ask for payment afterwards,” he said.

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