"I have already been to Hell twice" - Pregnant Libyan returnee

There was high celebration last Sunday at the Benin Central Hospital when a Libyan returnees, 24-year-old Augustine Omorodion was delivered of a baby girl just after her arrival to Edo state from Port Hacourt.

She was the first to be delivered of her baby among other pregnant ladies who were Libyan returnees.

Augustine praised God for keeping her alive through out her stay in Libya which he described as 'Hell'.

She said to Saturday Vanguard: “I had to drop out of school because I had no money to further my education and we could hardly feed. I also learnt catering but there was no money to start the business. I therefore had to travel due to my family background. It was one of my friends in school who assisted me to travel. When I travelled I did not know I was pregnant. I passed through the Sahara desert when I left and that was another hell.

 There was no water and the sun was very hot. I felt I was dying but death did not come. My plan was to stay in Libya and work for few months to enable me make enough money with which to cross over to Europe. While in Libya, the Libyan police came to arrest me. We were in the house when they came at midnight, shouting that we should open our gate. Our people refused to open the gate but they started shooting and forced the gate open. We all came out running to nowhere, but they arrested all of us and took us to their own prison. In Libya, different sets of people have their own prison. Libya is an evil place. In prison, they were giving us little macaroni and they would even put drug in our food or water and after eating the food we would start feeling very weak and drowsy. And I was pregnant but I had no choice but to persevere. They would shout at us, beat us and do all sorts of harsh things to us. 

When she was asked who impregnated her and when it happened, Augustina said, “I got pregnant here in Nigeria before I travelled but I did not know. My boyfriend got me pregnant, my family knows him and he knew I am back but I am surprised he has not come to see me. I want to go home and continue my work. I want government to assist me with money so I can open a store, that is my appeal now. That will help me take care of this child that God has given me. I had the baby in a hard way so I will want her to live a good life”. 

Explaining how she started having the feelings that the baby was coming, she stated that, “it was when we arrived Benin from Port Harcourt that I started feeling it. And I thank God it did not happen in the plane from Libya, it would have been difficult. When it was disturbing me they rushed me to the hospital. And that was why I gave my child the name Miracle because she is a miracle child.. I named her Miracle because it was God who helped me, I would not have been able to have her with what I passed through at the age of 24. A lot of people died in my presence and being a pregnant woman with no care from anywhere, I would have died but God saved me and that is why I am alive today. I will never go to Libya again in my life. People should not bother to think about it because it is not a place to go. I thank God I am alive and my baby is alive”. 

Speaking at the hospital, the First Lady,  Mrs Obaseki who visited and showered gifts worth thousands of naira to the newborn baby, said “It is an exciting moment for us all and we are here to rejoice with the mother who just told me she was in prison for two months with her pregnancy before being brought back home to Nigeria last week. We thank God that she was brought home just few days before the baby arrived, it would have been a terrible experience if she had the baby in prisons. We also thank our government for being an instrument to deliver and bless these people. I want to also commend the wonderful job the Task Force is doing as regards the returnees”.

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