Why Don Waney reigned in his terror operations without Police or Army intervention - Ex-member of Waney's gang

Following the death of Don Waney, a member of the ONELGA Security, Peace and Advisory Committee, OSPAC, in Omoku, Rivers State, Onyebuchi Ose, alias Okosisi, has pointed accusing fingers to the police and army in the area for backing up the deadly operations of late Don Waney and his terror gang.

Speaking with Vanguard, Okosisi who was a member of the late Cultist and militant gang before joining OSPAC, said that Waney taught he has powers over life and death, explaining that the security operatives knew where he was but refused to apprehend him.

He said, “The army and police initially appeared reluctant to arrest Don Waney. They knew where he was, knew the evil he was committing, including being a big time oil thief.”

Ose who lost his brother in the New Year killings and had his mother fired in the foot accused the police of supporting the activities of the terror militant.

He added, “I can’t forget a particular occasion when Waney wanted to kill me for joining OSPAC and I had to rush to the local police station to file a complaint.

“I had barely stepped out of the police station when my phone rang and it was Waney on the line boasting that he had heard all I just said against him at the police station and that he was watching my very move.

“I lost all hope or confidence in the police and army at that point. He falsely believed he had the power of life and death over fellow human beings.

“Statutory security operatives were galvanized to rise up against Don Waney after OSPAC took to self-help on behalf of the people.

“Before, the military and the police used to wait for Waney to strike and inflict pain on residents before running about chasing shadows. OSPAC came and took the fight to the gang leader and his associates.”

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