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Babygirl's strange blue eye colour storms online users, but needs help (Photos)

 A Facebook user, Afi Antonio took to her Wall to share a baby girl born with blue eyes which many thought look beautiful, but turns out to be a genetic condition that need surgery to be corrected.

See what she wrote below;

Ghanaians really don't like reading
Please can some people at least read what I wrote about Waardenberg syndrome before passing funny comments?
Waardenburg syndrome is a group of genetic condition that can cause hearing loss and changes in coloring (pigmentation) of the hair, skin and eyes.
Aside creating awareness of the condition, I'm hoping to help the family raise money for Chogtaa's Surgery to enable her hear. 
She can see very well, only issue is her hearing which can be worked on in the US or SA and very expensive. Interested persons who can help can private message me.
And for those privately messaging me asking me if her parents gave me permission to post about her, did u even read my post because if you did you will realize I referred to stories her mum told me and then again if I didn't have permission from them, how did I get her pictures?
As for those who are saying I want to use the girl to make money for myself, God forgive you all.
That said, if any organization can help us raise funds for her surgery kindly let me know.
A big thank you to all who shared the post.

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